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central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the "daily show" with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the "daily show." my name is jon stewart. we've got a great show for you tonight. thank you. in my-- in my continuing effort to make myself look as much like a keebler elf as possible, our guest tonight magic johnson will be joining us. ( applause ) have we had anybody-- i think flaft two weeks have, we had anybody under, like, 6'6" on the show? everybody that's been on the show gives me a ride home in their pocket. ( laughter ) let's juch right into the big story with our continuing coverage of democalypse 2012. ( laughter ) >> i-- i hope you have dolby at home. because that's-- ( laughter ) folks, election watchers are always poised this late in the campaign season for what they refer to as an october surprise. it appears that time is upon us. as evidenced by the recent presidential debate where barack obama unveiled his explosive october surprise that he has given up. ( laughter ). surprise! ( applause ) even the president acknowledged to his less
in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: hey, everybody. welcome to "the daily show." yeah, that's right. it's really just scribbles. [ laughter ] my name is jon stewart. director paul thomas anderson is joining us to talk about his new film "the master" which is in no way a devastating critique of anything. [ laughter ] is that good enough? will they leave us alone now? tonight, of course, was the vice presidential debate. shocking development, nobody saw this coming, both vice presidential candidates tonight on national coming out day came out simultaneously during the debate. [ laughter ] the real winners tonight, two lucky fellas to be named later. [ laughter ] you know, we spend a lot of time talking about the choices for president and vice president. some express frustration with limited options. did you know that the four men that we have are by far the cream of crop in washington or as we refer it to the cream of crap. [ laughter ] we salute their down ticket brethren in a segment called "you ma
on fox news channel. have a great weekend. purple friday. >> take care. jon: right now on this friday, brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: including the fierce fight in kentucky on two men who want to be vice president. with the dust settling we have new reaction to their debate. >>> disturbing developments in the search for the 10-year-old colorado girl who vanished on her way to school. what the fbi is asking people to look for now. >>> plus the latest in the growing meningitis outbreak we've been paying such close attention to. it is all happening now. jenna: very happy friday to you, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. the race for the white house intensifies after sparks fly at the one and only vice-presidential debate. more on that in a moment. first let's see where the presidential contenders are today. president obama off the campaign trail, spending the day at the white house. just over an hour from now, governor romney attends a rally in the battle ground state of virginia. the latest "real clear politics" poll average shows the president holding a very
. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. we start off with a four-alarm fire at a restaurant disrupting muni service five hours. the blaze started at the squat & gobble cafe across the street from the west portal muni station. that is where christie smith has been live on the scene all day long. any idea how close things are to getting back to normal? >> reporter: we just saw a flare up a couple of minutes ago at the restaurant. firefighters are actually still spraying water on it at this hour. arson investigators haven't gotten a close look inside of the restaurant where part of the roof collapsed overnight. i think you just saw the train go by. muni is back up and running after the complete shutdown at the west portal tunnel. intense flames at west portal. that is how firefighters describe what they were up against. at 6:30 this morning, the fire was upgraded to four alarming. the squat & gobble restaurant had a partial roof collapse and it continued to spread. >> one is a wine shop and a dental office and another set of businesses. three buildings total. >> reporter:s fire
outbreak of meningitis was operating illegally. dr. jon lapook has the latest. and elaine quijano on a debt america can never fully repay. owed to this hometown hero. >> this is awesome. okay? ( cheers ) yeah. . captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. tonight's face-off between vice than vit joe biden and congressman paul ryan is getting a lot more attention than vice presidential debates usually get. the obama campaign is looking to biden to stop the momentum mitt , mney has enjoyed since the debate in denver, which governor romney was widely perceived to job is . ling.s job is to keep romney's al gallu rolling. today's national gallup poll of likely voters shows governor romney with a slender lead of one point over the president. of course, that's within the lly a tie.error so it's essentially a tie. tonight's debate is at centre college in danville, kentucky. nancy cordes and jan crawford danville. first we'll go to nancy, covering the vice president's campaign. nancy. >> reporter: scott the vice president arrived here in ken
with abc's jonathan karl right now. jon? >> reporter: diane, it was an even harder fought than the presidential debate, but today, both men quickly hit the campaign trail, trying to take advantage of whatever momentum they can. fresh off the big debate, joe biden rallied supporters in lacross, wisconsin -- paul ryan's home state. >> i am sure you observed last night, we had a little bit of a debate. >> reporter: ryan, out for a family breakfast in kentucky, seemed pleased, too. >> i feel great. >> reporter: it was a debate that sets the stage for the campaign's final month, laying out big differences on the central issues. like whether tax rates can be lowered without adding to the deficit. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple of times, actually. >> it has never been done before. >> jack kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth. ronald reagan -- >> oh, now you're jack kennedy? >> reporter: biden went right at ryan over mitt rom
>> jon: that's our show. here it is your moment of zen. >> there are happy crew members in the international space station this morning. listen, people may not know you >> stephen: tonight, an october surprise that could bring down obama. and a rocktober surprise that could bring jethro tull to your town! [ laughter ] then, it's autumn. don't forget to go outside and watch the beautiful changing of mitt romney's positions. [ laughter ] and my guest, chrystia freeland, says the wealthy are leaving the rest of the world behind. yeah. that's kinda the point. [ laughter ] scientists have found a turtle that pees through its mouth. or has a penis that looks like a face. [ laughter ] this is "the colbert report." [ captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) holy cow. wow. [cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen, unbelievable. you will not believe -- [crowd chanting stephen] oh, my gosh. thank you. [cheers and applause] welcome to the report, thank you for joining us. i don't -- folks -- i don't know if can tell with a just happened
and jake tapper, david muir and jon karl are standing by. jake? lead us off. >> reporter: well, the obama campaign says they feel vice president biden did the forceful job he needs to do. a top democrat i spoke with earlier was worried that the age difference would play poorly for the vice president, being 69, that he feared he would seem tired. obviously vice president biden came ready to play. i think it's fair to say that jason sudeikis who plays him on "saturday night live" has a lot of ammunition for saturday night. democrats will be energized by the vice president's performance. they will be excited and it tees up president obama well. i agree with nicolle that i think it's different to see how it will play with independents, the moderates. but democrats feel very good about the vice president's performance and feel this will be a good way or the alley-oop for president obama. >> david muir? >> i got to tell you, george, a lot different from last week in denver where i was hearing from key advisers toward the key of the debate that romney made a lot of points on the economy, it was
out of 170 cases in 11 states. the outbreak is traced to contaminated steroids. dr. jon lapook is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do we need to go forward on this story? >> it's changing every day. these compounding facilities make special mixtures of medicines. supposedly one at a time. a kid needs cough medicine special flavoring or something like making special concentration of cancer medication. important function of what's happened up in massachusetts is over time it certainly has grown to be more like a manufacturing plant than like a one off and there's no regulation. >> we've had this huge fungal meningitis outbreak, you're worried because of the lack of oversight, there could be other things in the future we learn about. >> absolutely. what the state official said yesterday in a big conference between the cdc, fda and the state of massachusetts, it seems like a pop up in the short left field, behind the shortstop and in front of the left fielder. the left fielder is the fda. the shortstop is the department of health. each one of
. our tech reporter jon fortt in silicon valley with two very different business models for the tablets. jon? >> tyler, this october 23rd date for apple is interesting for a couple reasons. one, it is two days before apple earnings which will make it interesting for the stock. apple will have to include ipad mini in its fiscal q1 guidance possibly before pre-orders of the device have even started. gross margin guidance will be important with two high-volume laurnl launches under way. i'm told the apple mini will start shipping in november, couple weeks amazon launches the new, improved kindle fire. let's talk business models. of the kindle fire hd unveil, they're not making money on hardware. they make it when people use the device. they said apple's model of getting big margins on hardware puts them at odds with the consumer because they always try to pull you back to upgrade. here's the catch -- amazon also puts ads on its envy level devices because they say they're not a device, they're a service. that's not something you can imagine apple doing. you can kind of ding either company e
. abc's jon karl. >> reporter: ah, the vice presidency. two v.p.'s ended up on mt. rushmore. more than a dozen eventually became president. but let's be candid. the office of vice president has usually been the rodney dangerfield of american politics. >> no respect. i don't get no respect at all. >> reporter: just look at the tv show "veep." >> did the president call? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: julia louis-dreyfus plays a v.p. with almost nothing to do. it's not a new phenomenon. the very first veep dramatized on the hbo series "john adams" put it best. >> i am vice president, yes, and in this i am nothing, but i may be everything. >> reporter: over there years, there have been some sordid characters in the office. vice president tompkins, monroe's number two, was often so drunk presiding over the senate that congress refused to pay his full salary. vice president dan quayle had some real responsibilities but he may best be remembered for this ill-fated spelling lesson. >> potato. >> reporter: at the '92 v.p. debate, ross perot's running mate may have unwittingly spoken for all v.p.s.
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plus calcium and fiber kids need. >>> it is 7:26. good morning action everybody. i'm jon kelley. we start with breaking news. a massive fire at a san francisco restaurant right now affecting three main muni lines in the city this morning. christie smith is on the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. big impact on the west portal neighborhood and for commuters trying to get to work this morning. i want to show you the reason first and that is because the squat & gobble restaurant on west portal still burning this morning. partial collapse of the roof. it also spread to a wine bar, dental office and two r residential units, likely started in the kitchen. big impact on the muni k, l and m lines, not runny because they can't get through the we west portal tunnel. i wanted to show you a picture back here live. the trains sit here, the people get off and get on a bus. the l line goes to 19th. no word on when the tunnel will reopen. in san francisco, i'm christie smith. jon, back to you. >> thank you very much. of course the muni lines heavily affected. mike ino
discussion about it. i also want to thank my fellow panelists. jon alterman said this morning that we were the all-star team of north africa experts, right? and i appreciate that, i really, really do. it's kind of like being an all-star ping pong player. there's just not that many of us. i also, i appreciate the comments, the 18th of north african experts in that same sort of reference. i think that doctor has to be mr. t. >> so i'm going to do something i think a little unusual for a conference, and what i'd like to do is put out a couple of scenarios or in al simpson as for where north africa might be hitting. i don't intend the sinners to be exhaustive but i don't intended to be definitive. instead i hope they are speculative and assert help their are provocative and they can serve as fuel for discussion. before we do that though, it's important established a base case. where do we think these countries in north africa are. and then from there we can project down were so we think they might be going. what are their trajectory. lastly i would like to propose some alternate trajectory but
... how could we ever trust him here? >>> so now that the vp battle is over, all eyes will be on jon stewart, late-night shows and "snl" to see what they come up with. will we see paul ryan racing for the bathroom or joe biden chuckling to himself like cheech and chung. >> when my friend -- my friend recently in a speech in washington said 30% of the american people are takers. i love my friend here. why does my friend cut out the tuition tax credit for them? what would my friend do differently? >> i'm not so sure the vice president actually thinks of ryan as his friend. seems like a bunch of stuff to me. >> this is a bunch of stuff. here's the deal. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff. >> it means it's simply inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> it is. we irish call it malarkey. >> we're so excited about "snl" we've come up with a few ideas our own. >> you can't close the leads you're given, you can't close [ bleep ]. you are [ bleep ]. hit the bricks, pal, and beat it because you are going out. >> i think "snl" should play joe biden like a college kid who's had a really good time. th
over to dr. zoubir. thank you. >> good morning. thank you for the kind invitation from jon and haim. haim was very tough with me. he gave me a huge list of questions to address before coming here, particularly on al-jazeera. so i will divide my presentation into too. one was prepared, the other one will be sort of, i will try to wing it because of the questions that came from the audience earlier today, particularly from the young diplomat from communist diplomat who asked about what's going on with the region in general, and also a little bit about what's going on in the periphery of the maghreb because from my perspective, cannot now distinguish the two regions. in terms of security issues. but the first one i'd like to address, about al-jazeera. i would not repeat -- algeria. but some points might be similar. it was very interesting that in january 2011, if you watched the needy come and remember my friend contacted me or contact most people work on the region and said, so what is going to happen in algeria? what is going to happen in a jury? algeria is next. so the question that
. abc's jon karl has all the highlights from danville, kentucky. no throat-clearing last night. these guys were going at it from the start. >> reporter: they sure were, george. this was a clash of ideas. a clash of styles. and i would say the liveliest vice presidential debate we have ever seen. this one got personal. >> jack kennedy lowered taxes, increased growth. ronald reagan -- >> oh, now, you're jack kennedy. >> reporter: barb after barb. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. but i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> well, don't take all of the four minutes then. >> reporter: biden was often dominant. maybe a little too dominant. republicans claimed he interrupted ryan 82 times. often breaking out in laughter. even when ryan was talking about iranian nukes. >> and all i have to point to -- >> reporter: biden was even all smiles when he accused ryan of basically not telling the truth. >> this is a bunch of stuff. look, here's the deal. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> well, it means it's s
jon: without batman mobile doesn't have a flames shooting out the end, that would make a really cool. very creative and good for them. all right, enjoy your weekend. jenna: you have a big performance tomorrow, right? speak you know, wanaque showed up. thank you for joining us. [laughter] jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news election alert in the race for the white house. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. over the past 40 hours, real clear politics, has all been moved to the mini category. michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, the 50 electoral votes have been moved over to the romney side. this development raises the stakes even higher for president obama and governor romney heading into next tuesday's town hall debate. that will be in long island. chris stirewalt is our digital politics editor. i want to get to the debate, but i have to start with this. when you look at the way the electoral map goes, it's like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania -- is pennsylvania back in play now? is that real? >> sure, it is real. what you are seeing is this
in that fashion. >> technically jon stewart and stephen colbert. >> i think that was illegal. if i was on fec, i would say that as a violation. when they sat their present a talk together letter to one another, i would say that's a violation of the law. there were two other players worth mentioning that are minor players, but what is a super pac as opposed to good old fashion plain old pack? a good old-fashioned pack, which has been around forever, a longtime, continued contributions. you're limited how much you can give any pack a new independent expenditures so we can commonness as to be more common, give money to agree to candidate campaigns. the one final players will be my college in eric 527. as kim said, a super pac is a form of 527. a generic 527 in 2004 is a group that sends money on issue ads that sound a lot like political ads, but technically don't advocate the election to receive a candidate. the reason i mention that is that if groups are not defined as 501-c4, they wouldn't have to go out of business. you just become 520 sevens. it does mean they would report donors to irs. >> i t
. but they can't actually talk and collaborate in that fashion. >> technically. jon stewart and stephen colbert did -- >> i think that were illegal isolate. >> when stephen colbert speak when they pretended to talk to one of their lawyers. i would say that was a violation of law. there are two other players that are minor but quickly with mentioned the one is a super pac opposed to a good old-fashioned plain old pack. it can take only limited contributions to your limit to how much money you can give to aipac, and the pac and and independent expenditures, or do this before, davis went directly to candidate campaigns. that's what aipac gives. the one final players will we might call a generic 527, as ken said super pac is a form of 527, aipac, a generic 527, talked about in 2004 is a group that spends money on issue ads that sound a lot like political ads by technically don't advocate the election or any can do. the reason i mention this is if groups were not defined as 501(c) fours, it's not like the witnesses shall have to go out of business, they would just become 527s and he does think it wo
a caricature on the talk shows, you know, when you want to get a quick laugh, david letterman or jon stewart, they invoke joe biden. on the other hand, in fairness to him as well as to paul ryan, these are two irish catholic political warriors who come from different generations. both athletic. they both have a passion about what they're doing. and my own guess is at the end of the evening, one of the tests of a vice presidential debate is, can they handle the presidency? do we want them to be a heartbeat away? and i think in both cases, people would have to say you can have them in that job, and if something happens to the president, they could step it up. that was my judgment. >> mark, a lot of times these vp debates show that one is not ready to pass that threshold test last night, there's no doubt. joe biden has been in washington since he was 29. >> yeah. this was a threshold test. biden's obviously passed it. he's been there. it was a real threshold test for ryan. to your point about biden, you're right, people that know him like him, generally. but a lot of people watching didn't know
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)

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